PROJECT № 144.

Full-drive drive cargo electric bicycle

City: Kyiv

Project manager: Roman Semenenko

Degree of readiness: Prototypes

We offer citizens an opportunity to carry loads safely using our full-drive electric cargo bicycle withimproved geometry. 

We will earn money selling bikes and accessories  

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  1. There are several questions.
    Is the concept of you product unique (i.e. what the innovative product offers to the buyer, which simply does not exist in any other product or anywhere else in Ukraine, the EU or the rest of the world), or simply the best version of the existing products, concepts?
    What are the projected development and manufacturing opportunities for the you product i.e. where in Ukraine will you product be manufactured and how many new Ukrainian jobs will be created, for how long, producing and servicing the bicycles?
    Do you have pre-orders for your product?
    You are sure that your product will be in demand, given the economic situation in Ukraine.

  2. Thank you for the question.
    - the product is unique for the Ukrainian and European market. There are no full-drive cargo bicycles with full suspension that provides customers with increased riding comfort and safety. The nearest opponent is the Ubco Bike, which is, however, an electric motorcycle.
    - the bike frame will be manufactured in Dnipro city and the assembly will be done in Dnipro too. We will create 10 new workplaces for as long as there will be at least 30 bike orders per month.
    - we do not have the pre-orders yet.
    - the highest demand on our product will be in the European countries and in the US, not in Ukraine.

    1. You assume that the greatest demand for your products will be in Europe and the United States, and not in Ukraine. But you are going to produce a bicycle in Ukraine. How are you going to deal with the service issue?
      Have you done marketing research? Is your product needed in Europe and the USA?


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