PROJECT № 173.

Objective measurement of beauty

City: Kyiv

Project manager: Yuri Tumanov

Degree of readiness: Beta version of the product 

For the first time, the hardware and software complex allows collectors and authors to objectively assess the aesthetic value of art objects with the issuance of appropriate certificates, in contrast to the subjective conclusions of art critics.



Video presentation of the project


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  1. Have you conducted any "customer discovery" to determine if their is sufficient demand to this product? Will there be enough "buyers" to generate a profit?

    1. Ultimately, this technique, the algorithm must redeem a global "monster" of the scale of Google, Facebook, or someone like that. Since only on such a scale can the works of different countries and continents be compared. And accordingly, they will receive a huge final effect (advertising, moral, economic) from the coverage of all world art. I consider everything that will be done before that only as a research project. Until then, it is only possible to receive grants for a cultural project. But I hope that under the real possibility of objective measurement of beauty, it is possible to receive increasing funding in accordance with the growth of the scale of the experiments. So far, the experiments were carried out within Kiev. The next ones are international.


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