City: Kyiv

Project manager: Nikita ran

Degree of project readiness: Minimally working model

A web application for monitoring medical institutions, which will help to translate all paperwork into electronic format. This application will help to eliminate archives, notebooks and medical histories.

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  1. Do you have any users and how many? What is user reaction? Medical data security and privacy is extremely important, they say they have security but do not describe it. Thank you, Vic

    1. Thank you for the question, Vic
      This project is only an idea, we did some polls and found out that this project will come in handy for hospitals, doctors, patients. We started to think about the solution of problems and decided to do such a web application. Personal data will be safe, because we plan to work with government and investors and hope, that they will provide us with all the equipment.

  2. 1. Have you conducted customer discovery interviews? If so, what was the feedback? Do end users have a big unmet need for this type of product.
    2. What are your advantages over the competition? I believe there are quite a few companies in this space, e.g. SoftClinic HIS, MedKey, MocDoc HMS, etc.

    1. Thank you for the question.
      Yes, we conducted some pools. And a lot of medical workers and patients gave us feed back and said if there were such a program, their work and treatment would become easier.

      Our main advantage is united DB, which will gave an ability to each doctor in any city of a country to get information about patient.
      Also, we want to remove all paper work out of a hospital and move it to a computer or smart phone.
      We have idea to make a chat for doctors, where they will give advice, offer better medicine etc.

      If you become interested, write to my mail


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