City: Kyiv

Project manager: Yuriy Boky

Degree of project readiness:
Minimally working model


Creation of a new class of instrumental and stablematerials. Combination of properties of steel and hardalloys, deformation, unique structure, tribotechnical qualities. Increase of resistance in 10 times. 

There is no product on the market. Market share 10-15% 

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  1. Juror question: How are you addressing the challenges of developing a new manufacturing process at a large scale?

    1. The creation of a production process on a large scale is supposed to be carried out in two stages. The first is the improvement of production technology and equipment used with an eye to large-scale production. At the second stage, testing carbide steel for various applications, acquainting the consumer with this material, its application, to create a volumetric market It is assumed that this production can be in the volume of 3-5 tons per year, and in time it can take 2-3 years. Good option to speed up your own production of standard tools

    2. For a better understanding of the process of mastering production, I clarify that the first signal product from the material can be released in six months.

  2. The presented project is very relevant for Ukraine. In conditions of tungsten shortage, using the raw material base of Ukraine, it allows creating a competitive tool that is necessary both for the domestic market and for export. Hot pressing technology and subsequent extrusion provide a fine-grained structure with a uniform distribution in the steel matrix. This Project deserves attention.

  3. . We would like to emphasize that we are not offering a new product, as a result, our product is a tool. We offer a new material for a well-known product, which is always in demand and whose share is up to 10% of the cost of machine building products. The prospect of steel production through powder metallurgy has been proven by practice: already now, 5 of the largest factories in the world produce tool steels by the powder metallurgy method, 2 plants produce composites from a mixture of steel-TiC powders

  4. Addition to the question Unknown
    Depending on the estimated volume of production, the planned volume can be reached at different times. In the production variant of 1-3 t / h, the planned volume can be reached within a year; with the production option 5-10 t / h - for 1-2 hours; with a production option of 60 t / h -for 2-3 years. With any options for the development of production, signal batches can be obtained in six months.

  5. Based on Google Analytics data, average traffic to the site
    was three people a day (230 people in 76 days). Over the past two weeks, the number of visitors has increased to five people a day (72 people in 14 days), including 80% of new users. By country, the site was viewed: Ukraine - 45%; US -19%; China -14%; Poland - 3.5% (7% in the last 7 days); Russia, Iran, Bangladesh, three and a half percent each.


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