PROJECT № 105.

High-yielding drought-resistant plant varieties adapted to the conditions of the Southern steppe

City: Kramatorsk

Project manager: Alexander Vinyukov

Degree of readiness: Prototype


The project aims to develop highly adaptable varieties of cereals and fodder crops that are able to generate high yield potential, as well as to provide advice on the technological features of their cultivation.

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  1. You can create a competitive matrix of the yield and profitability of your crops (based on the average selling price) compared to existing varieties and competitors in Ukraine and other EU countries. You are showing some of this information, but it's hard for me to understand. Besides, since we are talking about the southern and eastern steppes of Ukraine, isn't this a geographical area that is not used for agriculture today? Are their new varieties suitable in these unused conditions of the southern steppe to create new land for cultivation in Ukraine?


  2. Thank you for your interest in our project!
    The varieties of our own selection are currently competitive and popular in the Ukrainian market. Our team tries to keep the average market price. The profitability of growing varieties of our selection reaches 90% and more.
    In the soil and climatic conditions of the Southern and Eastern Steppe, cereals are the main ones, they occupy most of the area. At the moment, agricultural enterprises are actively buying seeds of our selection and growing them in the East of Ukraine. Our arsenal includes not only high-quality seeds, but also innovative technologies, which allows us to get a high yield and ensure sufficient profitability for the enterprise. Resource-saving technologies for growing winter wheat and spring barley are recommended for production, providing for the introduction of varietal agricultural technology of new zoned varieties, optimal doses of mineral fertilizers, growth regulators, a system of autumn, spring-summer measures to protect plants from pests and diseases with a decrease in doses of chemical preparations.
    Every year we carry out ecological testing of plant varieties of our own selection and other breeding centers at demonstration plots, we give them an economic assessment.
    A characteristic feature of the varieties of Donetsk selection is high winter hardiness and drought resistance, the ability to provide a stable harvest even on a low agricultural background. Compared to varieties of other breeding institutions, our varieties are distinguished by a more stable level of yield, which makes it possible to ensure the profitability of sowing this crop even under arid growing conditions.
    The popularity of varieties and their economic efficiency is proven by the number of hectares planted. The area in Ukraine is approximately 3 million hectares.
    If you have any questions, you can write to us by mail and we will send information "Comparison of the yield of our varieties with other varieties."

  3. This seems to be primarily an applied research project. Could you please explain what makes this a startup project? How will the new plant varieties be commercialized?


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