PROJECT № 109.

Natural health drinks and technology of their production/span>

City: Kyiv region

Project manager: Alexander Litovchenko

Degree of readiness: Prototype

The essence of the project is to introduce the production of natural non-alcoholic products for health and preventive purposes, namely: fruit drinks, zbitniks, Ukrainian varietal and blended juices, health and preventive compotes with a balanced composition of vitamins, amino acids, phenolic substances, anthocyanins, antioxidants, value for human health.

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  1. 1. How will the cost of your drinks compare to current "non-healthy" offerings?
    2. What is your strategy for marketing and getting customers to buy your products? Is there a clear demand for healthier products?

  2. 1. Our natural products have social significance and are close in price to the current prices for "unhealthy" drinks. And also products of "Premium" class where the percent for the socially unprotected population will be put will be offered.
    2. Our strategy is that we attract people who are concerned about their health, as well as for kindergartens and hospitals. We offer a commercial series of beverages for businesses, retailers, including foreign.


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