PROJECT № 115.

Ekranoplan for patrolling

City: Kyiv

Project manager: Dmytro Zinchenko

Degree of readiness: Prototypes

Ekranoplan for patrolling - an aircraft that uses for flight the effect of proximity to the water surface, which significantly reduces the inductive component of aerodynamic drag. It is intended for patrolling the waters of the sea areas of Ukraine.

Ekranoplan for patrolling is able to effectively solve the problems of protection of the sea areas due to the higher speed of patrolling, traffic on the border of environmental separation and much lower cost compared to a typical patrol boat.

 Revenue is planned from the sale and maintenance of operation and repair of screen planes.  

Video presentation of the project


Project presentation in PDF format >>>


Additional materials:

Substantiation of the patrol screen plan concept >>> 

FOR THE JURY >>>                                               FOR INVESTORS >>>

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  1. Is designing and manufacturing an entirely new ekranoplan the most cost efficient and effective approach considering that ekranoplans are already available in other markets?


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