PROJECT № 126.

Oasis. Smart irrigation system for farms and greenhouses

City: Vinnytsia

Project manager: Yuri Danilov

Degree of readiness: Prototypes


Solution for precise plant irrigation which is convenient and easy to use. Autonomous valve management controller with the option for watering, fertilizing profiles can be shared between friends and colleagues.

 Revenue is planned from the device sale and installation.

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  1. 1. How does your system account for weather conditions? Is there a real-time monitoring component?
    2. Will your system interface with other precision agriculture tools to ensure an integrated holistic system for farm management?

    1. Our system connected wirelessly to number of sensors located in same greenhouse. First of all for correct plant grow, required precisely supported soil moisture and normal air temperature and near located sensors continuously monitoring these parameters. Irrigation or ventilation will be enabled, once it required according to plant profile.

    2. 2. Our system implements standard MQTT (Telemetry Transport Protocol) acceptable by most of (IoT) third-party servers, where pretty easy to integrate with other precision agriculture tools and control your system remotely.

  2. 1st (continue) In case if required to measure and regulate air humidity for specific plants, we can offer to extend our system by standard Humidity / Barometric Pressure sensor supports wireless IEEE 802.15.4 (ZigBee).protocol. The same sensor can monitor Barometric Pressure fluctuations which can points to weather change. POC is already managed and results will soon be published on our web resource.


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