PROJECT № 133.

Ultrasonic nebulizers for mechatronic automation systems

City: Kyiv

Project manager: Andriy Zilinsky

Degree of readiness: Prototypes

Ultrasonic sprays allow you to get a quality aerosol with the specified parameters and an automated control system. Fine aerosol is needed in industry, medicine, agriculture.

Revenue is planned from the sale and installation of the device.

Video presentation of the project



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  1. The project presentation in PDF format is that from project number 135, not 133. Please add the correct PDF for 133. Thank you.

  2. You state their advantages but you do not show how much better they are. What is the % of improvement or the cost improvement?
    Also, you are using the wrong word for Competitor. Concurrent does not mean anything. Concurrent does not mean Competitor. You should change it to Competitor.
    Thank you,Vic.

  3. Have you talked with potential customers to determine if your proposed product provides the features that think are most important?

    1. Yes, we worked with farmers and designed some prototypes with their wishes.


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