PROJECT № 136.

Virtual class

City: Kramatorsk

Project manager: Yuriy Lysenkov

Degree of readiness: Minimally working model

Educational platform "Virtual class" provides for teachers and tutors a web-service of distance learning in real time. It also provides learning materials, interactivity, testing efficiency. 

Business model - a monthly subscription fee for using a web-service.  

Video presentation of the project


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Additional materials:

Startup site -

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  1. 1. What do you think are the primary advantages for your product over competitors?
    2. Do you think there are other possible customers besides tutors? Can it be used by school teachers using a flipped classroom model?

    1. 1. We think that the main advantage of our product over competitors is providing of various services to tutors to work with students (catalogue of tutors and tools for distance learning).
      2. Yes, of course. Our product can be used for flipped classroom.


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