Functional hand prosthesis T-HAND XY

City: Kyiv

Project manager: Anton Tikhonenko

Project readiness: Beta version of the product

Functional prosthesis of an arm T-HAND XY- It’s mechanical prosthesis which is created for people with Distal Wrist Amputation and with Ectrodactyly. It has an ability to correct the speed of movement of each finger separately. In the result it has 120 modes of movements .Also it has the system of point touch which is help to feel the moment of touch and the shape of surface which patient touch. 

The income is planned to receive from sale of subscription ofparametric 3D modelT-HAND X and from sale the full version of prosthesis T-HANDY.

Video presentation of the project



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  1. Juror question: How did you arrive at your product price structure? During your customer discovery did you explore how many users would have access to 3D printing capabilities necessary to generate the "subscription" product?

    1. 1) Price of the all prostheses are based on the material, price for printing or electricity and assembly cost, cost for the additional elements. 60 % of the T-HAND Y is the plastic ( CarbonX) which we will print with dimension 50 microns -170 g costs ≈ 12$+2 for electricity, Aluminum plates which are 35%(85-110 g) cost about 4-5 $, plus springs (SOIN00010- 36 per 0.92€) and sea lines ≈2-2.5$ .
      So If we calculate the sum of all costs it will be about 60.54$ ≈1701₴(07.11.20).

    2. 2) Of course we did. First of all we have 3 types of people:
      1. People who can rent a 3D print service
      2. People who don’t have any 3d print services nearby
      3. People who have their own 3D printer with stuff for printing
      The average cost for printing T-HAND X (with PLA or Naylon 50 microns -250g and with additional elements) is 40-49$(demension 20). Most of the financially insecure countries has the local print services. There I add a lil map with cost for 3-D printing at some countries:
      For people who don’t have a 3D printer nearby can rent it in any of the international print services. Most of them propose worldwide delivery and it can be cost about 20 $ or less. For example: you can order printing from the copany from USA in the same time when you are in Nigeria.
      If we talk about people who have their own printers, we have statistic for 2016 year. More than 528 952 people bought own printers (which are less than 500$) .For my opinion ,1 milion of people or more now have their own printers «…At 344 pages, Wohlers Report 2018 is packed with insights and details that allow me to keep up with this fast-growing industry….»


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