Nature Aroma

City: Kyiv

Project manager: Natalia Chepel

Degree of project readiness: Prototype

Due to the rapid development of the Healthy Food industry and the growing awareness of the harmful effects of synthetic flavors, the demand for natural flavors is significantly accelerating. 

The main challenge for the fragrance industry is to meet the demands of consumers in the global market, combining the search for new raw materials, environmental issues and the development of new technological solutions related to nanotechnology. 

The production of natural flavors by modern nanotechnologies with the use of fruit and berry and spicy-aromatic raw materials is proposed to provide the food industry with high-quality natural flavors of the "FROM THE NAMED FRUIT" category (FTNF) instead of synthetic analogues. 

The combination of reasonable price and functional properties of flavorings allows to meet the needs of both consumers and food producers.

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  1. Juror question: How does the anticipated costs of your flavor compounds compare with competitive products? Do you have concerns about the ability to produce the flavor compounds at a large industrial scale?

  2. Thanks for your questions.
    1)The price of nanostructural natural flavourings is at the level of our competitors. Our advantages are cheap raw materials, naturalness and flavourings quality. The price of fruit and herb aroma as a raw material is 0.3% per 1 kg. Because we have good profit.
    2)We have a ready- desinged project for a large industrial production with the capacity of 1100 liters per day. We are ready to present it too.

  3. The price of nanostructural natural flavourings is 180$ per 1l. The price corresponds to the price of artificial flavourings by FIRMENICH, IFF, GIVAUNDAN etc.The price is calculated taking into account raw materials, equipment depreciation and energy costs.

  4. Sorry for mistake.
    The price of fruit and herb aroma as a raw material is 0.3$ per 1 kg.


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