Eco briquette made from leaves

City: Kyiv

Project manager: Olena Kovalenko

Degree of readiness: Prototypes


Short annotations of the project:

The idea of the project is to make briquettes out of fallen leaves.

The product is a fuel briquette, which is intended for household consumers, cottage towns, enterprises, and power plants.

Briquettes will be used as a solid fuel in stoves, fireplaces, or boilers to heat placing.

Business model implies earning money by collecting fallen leaves from selected areas, as well as selling fuel briquettes.

Video presentation of the project


 Project presentation in PDF format >>>


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  1. Hi. Can you share please your contact information (e-mail) ?
    I have an another version of your Startup. Potentially it could be most energy effective for individual users.

    1. Hello! Here is my contact information:

  2. Are you concerned that the cost of leaf collection and transportation, plus the manufacturing costs, might make it difficult to generate a profit from what is likely a low cost, low margin product?

    1. Yes, we are concerned about the full cost of the manufacturing process. In comparison with briquettes made of wood sawdust, which require the same expenses: wood collection, transportation, shredding, and manufacturing, proposed in our project material is still cheaper than wood. Seasonal excess of leaves will make profit on the amount of the product overweight the cost. Additionally, our product is eco-friendly.


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