Solar Plex  

City: Odessa

Project manager: Olena Bagirova

Degree of project readiness: Prototype


SETG / DSETG polymeric solar hybrid modules will provide a comprehensive power supply for residential and commercial buildings while generating electricity and heat with an efficiency to 95% and low cost.SETG / DSETG designed to achieve energy independence, earnings on the green tariff. 

We plan the income from sales and installation of modules.

Video presentation of the project



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  1. Juror: Do you hope to sell your product outside Ukraine? If so, do you have a patent protection strategy for other countries?

    1. Hello! Yes, we want to sell our product outside Ukraine - in USA,EU, Australia,Israel etc. At this moment we don't have patent protection strategy outside the Ukraine and that is the one of reasons why we take a part in challenge. We sure that international patent protection is very important for our project.


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