City: Mykolayiv

Project manager: Pavlo Tkachenko

Degree of project readiness: Prototype

Cyberstich is a simulator for learning laparoscopic operations.

Our advantages: the form of simulation, the optimal location of the camera, simulation of real conditions, convenient design, realistic implementation of medical instruments, wireless image transmission. 

Revenue is planned from sales to medical students and educational institutions.

 Video presentation of the project

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  1. Juror questions:
    1. Is there a "haptic" or feel component? In other words, does insertion and manipulation of the instruments mimic the feel of inserting instruments through a patient's skin/muscle?
    2. Do you think medial students or medical schools/teaching hospitals are you best potential buyer?
    3. Are veterinarians another possible end user?

    1. Thanks for the question.
      1. Silicone tabs are tactile sensitive components. They were created exactly for this purpose. The inlays take into account the peculiarities of the characteristics of tissues (!) in real conditions. The density of silicone inlays, as well as the volume of manipulation, is as close as possible to the conditions of manipulation in the skin and muscles of a person in a real surgical operation (imitating the factors of location and intensity of light, the volume of manipulation of training instruments). Silicone tabs are located in the simulator itself, taking into account the anatomical features of access, which is necessary for performing manipulations and training (such as the principle of triangulation).

      2. Our main target audience is medical students and interns, practicing and engaged in surgery, since at this stage of their training simulator is an irreplaceable tool for gaining skill in order to move to the next level of access to surgery. But also, our target clients are medical practitioners who are moving from open surgery to minimally invasive, improving their skills through practice on a simulator, which is impossible in a real operating room without the skill and hours of work on the simulator).

      3. Veterinarians are our potential clients, as the simulator includes general basic surgical skills that apply to both human surgery and veterinary surgery using minimally invasive techniques. But in this case, feedback from the buyer is required. Simulator will need some adjustments, for example the size of the tool holes and so on.


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