E-Field Radial Charge (EFR Charge)

City: Kyiv

Project manager: Anton Vdovychenko

Degree of project readiness: Minimally working model

Charging in motion. Wireless energy transfer module based on electric field resonance, which does not require precise positioning of the receiver with the emitter, for mobile unmanned systems.

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  1. What is your strategy for clearly distinguishing your products from competitors?

    1. One of the possible solutions is to emphasize the fact that technical solutions are created on the basis of classical laws and experimental data, and this combination has no analogues among the available products and allows to create a unique product. The main advantages are wireless, not single-wire with the use of grounding. There is also no such disadvantage as positioning along the central axis of the emitter and receiver, as in the case of the magnetic resonance circuit.


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