IES2P. Improving the efficiency of a solar power panel with a solar energy concentrator

City: Kyiv

Project manager: Elizaveta Lazarova

Degree of readiness: Minimally working model.

IES2P (IMPROVING THE EFFICENCY OF A SOLAR POWER PANEL WITH A SOLAR ENERGY CONCENTRATO) – a system that increases the efficiency of photopanels by 60%, reduces their payback period to 2 years (compared to 10 years for standard panels) and increases the exploitation’s time to 25 years instead of 15-20 years. 

A significant advantage is also the ability to install fewer photo panels per unit area without losing power. Due to these advantages, the system is cost-effective for for private and industrial use. The design is suitable for solar panels of all types and sizes.

Revenue planning from construction’s selling and obtaining finance due to more energy produced. .

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  1. Juror:
    1. What steps are required for you to be able to conduct a side-by-side comparison with the currently available solar panel designs to demonstrate the superiority of your design?
    2. What is your strategy for pursuing international patent protection?

    1. Good morning 1. It would be logical to experiment with three different constructions during two months. Precisely: a solar battery on a tracker system, the same size and characteristics of a photopanel installed opposite the reflector and, obviously, the proposed design with the same solar battery. After a certain period, it's necessary to analyze the changes in the efficiency of systems; the most important - find the ECE (energy conversion efficiency) and compare.
      2. Firstly, to protect the novelty of an invention abroad, it is necessary to carry out a separate patenting procedure in each country / regional organization of interest. Therefore the strategy of "international patent protection" depends on each country separately. I would like to start with Europe Union.


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