Wind thermoelectric generating unit

City: Kyiv

Project manager: Serhiy Strutynsky

Degree of readiness: Prototypes

The solution allows the wind turbine to operate as a water heater, using the direct conversion of mechanical energy into heat, and thermal energy storage. The high energy efficiency of the installation is provided by the hydrodynamic machine.

We will offer to consumers upgrading of an existing wind turbine or installing turnkey equipment.

Video presentation of the project



Project presentation in PDF format >>>


Additional materials:

The video demonstrates the process of heating the coolant (water) using an external source of mechanical energy. The heating process is controlled by a temperature sensor. The installation contains a shut-off device that removes the heated coolant through the pipeline. The cold coolant enters through another pipeline (not shown in the video). The optimal design made it possible to ensure rapid heating of water in the hydraulic transmission to the boiling point.. 

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  1. Juror: How many different models will you have to produce to ensure compatibility to various wind turbine systems? Will one of two versions fit most existing wind turbine systems? Or will you need many different variations?

  2. The control system has an ability to adjust all parameters of the device, such as operated torque, temperature and fluid flow rate.
    We can use one model for any wind turbine (if the rotor RPM does not differ much).

    So yes, we can propose two or three versions of device that fit most existing wind turbine systems.

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