Software and hardware platform of rehabilitation and diagnostic technology "MIOTRACER"

City: Kyiv

Project manager: Igor Gurchyk

Degree of readiness: Prototype

MIOTRACER technology is designed to restore, develop and diagnose human psychomotor functions. 

"MIOTRACER" combines a wide range of impact, efficiency, ease of use, affordable price and can be used not only in clinics, specialized institutions, children's institutions for inclusive education, or private practitioners, but even at home, for the development of fine motor skills and other psychomotor functions of children from 8 months of age.

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Additional materials:

Example of a lesson on the simulator

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  1. Juror:
    1. Are there modifications for patients who are not able to grasp a small pen or stylus?
    2. Will the product provide a broad range of fine motor stimulation? Or perhaps are there are additional features that could be added expand the types of stimulation?

    1. 1. Для тех, кто по каким-то причинам не может управлять пальцами рук разработан тренажер "MIOTRACER-01". Но это совсем иное конструктивное решение, и оно больше ориентировано на заболевания ног. Хотя и в тренажере "MIOTRACER-03", предусмотрены крепления на пальцы либо на ладонь, которые позволяют выполнять все упражнения, и тем кто пока не может управлять своими пальцами.
      2. Все упражнения использующиеся в технологии "Миотрейсер" обязательно развивают мелкую моторику. Но есть и специальные упражнения, которые сориентированы именно на развитие мелкой моторики.

    2. 1. For those who, for some reason, cannot control their fingers, the MIOTRACER-01 simulator has been developed. But this is a completely different constructive solution, and it is more focused on leg diseases. Although in the "MIOTRACER-03" simulator, there are fastenings on the fingers or on the palm, which allow you to perform all the exercises, and those who cannot yet control their fingers.
      2. All exercises used in the "Miotracer" technology necessarily develop fine motor skills. But there are also special exercises that are focused specifically on the development of fine motor skills.

    3. Regarding issues related to the use of the "Myotracer-03" simulator by adult patients.
      Here is a link to a story from a television program in which a patient with severe complications after the flu performs an exercise on the simulator to restore lost speech:
      And this is a link to the exercise of a disabled Chernobyl victim:


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