Uninterruptible power supply by kinetic energy storage technology

City: Kyiv

Project manager: Serhiy Strutynsky

Degree of readiness: Prototype

We offer manufacture and sale of uninterruptible power supplies, which use a flywheel as an energy storage device. 
Developed a durable device that ensures the smooth operation of equipment for data processing and storage. Patented technical solutions and know-how allowed to increase the technical level of the installation and reduce its cost.

Video presentation of the project



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The video shows the main components, as well as the scheme of operation of the prototype of an uninterruptible power supply. In the installation, electrical energy is converted into mechanical energy by means of an electric motor. 

The flywheel is fixedly connected to the shaft of the motor and the generator, so the energy is generated constantly and after the conversion is sent to the consumer. The engine takes some time to spin the flywheel, after which the installation is ready for operation. In the event of a failure in the external network, the kinetic energy accumulated by the flywheel will be converted into electricity and enter the consumer, providing his power.

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  1. Have you identified customers willing to test and/or buy the product?

  2. At the moment, the product hasn`t been manufactured yet. After manufacturing, we will need to carry out testing and finishing operations. These steps will allow us to provide and confirm the declared characteristics of the device.
    After that, we plan to offer the product to potential consumers, because a UPS that doesn`t have the declared characteristics will not be in demand by consumers.


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