City: Kyiv

Project manager: Andriy Mulyarchuk

Degree of readiness: Minimally working model

The COVID KILLER respirator is a means of individual protection in which the MLAAP technology developed by us is realized. Designed to protect humans from COVID19 infection.When passing through a respirator filter, viruses die or lose the ability to reproduce and cannot infect humans. 

Revenue is planned from the sale of respirators and production licenses.

Video presentation of the project


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  1. Have you achieved proof of concept for the MLAAP (multilevelactive abiotic protection)? Do you have data documenting effectiveness?

    1. Yes, we have achieved the concept of MLAAP. The COVID KILLER filter implements three-level abiotic protection. We have data on the safety of the COVID KILLER filter for the human body.
      The effectiveness of MLAAP has been confirmed by many years of research in microbiology.


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